71st Hawaii Regional, January 22-28, 2024

Aloha! We are planning on holding the 71st Hawaii Regional from January 22-28, 2024 at the Prince Waikiki Hotel. The group reservation code is PAAMBF. You can call the Prince Waikiki using this code to make a reservation over the phone, or you can use this direct reservation link.

The tournament schedule can be downloaded here. We heard your feedback and we will be switching to a 9:30AM-2:30PM schedule similar to other tournaments have adopted.

Stay tuned to this page for details about EntryExpress.

See you next January!

The 2023 Hawaii Regional is coming!

Aloha! The 2023 Hawaii Regional is only three months away! We are holding the tournament from January 23-29, 2023 at the beautiful Prince Waikiki hotel. The full tournament schedule and flyer can be found here.

To make a reservation at the Prince Waikiki, follow this link. Note that the Prince has updated its reservation system and this link is different from the reservation link published earlier. If you made a reservation using the old system and need to make changes, please call the Prince Waikiki at (855) 622-7558.

2022 Hawaii Regional Cancelled

Aloha Bridge Players,

It is with great regret that we announce that we have cancelled the 70th Hawaii Regional in January 2022. We were so optimistic in the spring of this year about the return of face-to-face bridge at the Regional, but due primarily to the Delta variant, the State of Hawaii continues to operate under COVID restrictions that prevent even small club games from occurring. There does not appear to be a likely path that will allow a large event such as a bridge tournament by January. We simply cannot predict when the situation will improve enough to allow gatherings large enough to conduct the tournament. International travel difficulty means that many of our cherished guests from the Far East and elsewhere are unable to attend. While the situation may improve between now and January, there is no way to predict when and how things might improve, and it is impossible to plan and execute the hospitality you are accustomed to when you attend the Hawaii Regional amidst such uncertainty. If you have a reservation with the Prince Waikiki, you may contact them at (855) 622-7558 to cancel your reservation.

We are fully committed to holding the 70th Hawaii Regional the following year, provisionally from January 23-29, 2023. We hope that you will be able to attend and that we can celebrate the return to in-person bridge in Hawaii.

Larry Denneau
Hawaii Regional Chair

2021 Hawaii Regional Cancelled

Aloha Bridge Players!

We are saddened to announce that the 2021 Hawaii Regional Bridge Tournament has been cancelled due to safety and scheduling considerations from COVID-19.  If you have already made reservations at the Prince Waikiki for 2021, please contact them at 855-622-7558 or reservations@princewaikiki.com if you wish to change or cancel your reservation.  You may also keep your reservation and and visit O‘ahu anyway!

We plan to hold the 2022 Regional at the Prince Waikiki in the last week of January 2022. Stay tuned and stay safe.


A hui hou, the Hawaii Regional Board

2020 Hawaii Regional — Mahalo!

The Hawaii Contract Bridge Units Association wants to thank all those who attended this past
Regional. Our next Regional is scheduled for January 25-31 in 2021, once again here at the
Prince Waikiki. The Prince is a wonderful host and we appreciate the partnership we have
developed with the hotel in putting on the Regional.

We have reserved a room block again, this time with a few more of the lower price rooms.
Once we have refined the schedule it will be posted and will include hotel contact information
and rates.

We will be making changes to the 2021 schedule. We tried some new things this year, some of
which worked well and some of which did not, so hearing from participants will provide valuable
guidance to us for next year. We owe great appreciation to our Head Director, Matt Koltnow,
and all the other directors for adjusting to the schedule thrown at them.

Many of our players donate their time making some of the goodies for players’ enjoyment. A
special thanks is owed to Constance Holland for her work on Hospitality, to Lily Johannessen for
once again ably handling the Partnership desk; to Arun Savara for his nonstop work on the
Bulletin; to Larry Denneau and Muriel Stitt for pulling the luau together, organizing the naming
of games, and scheduling daily speakers; Keith Kalway for providing baked hospitality goods; to
Randi Conway for arranging discounts at nearby restaurants; to Mary Philips for managing
finances for the Regional; and our caddies Alan Masuda, Brayden Morse, Ann Endicott and
Maddie Morse, who hustled for you all week.

Again, mahalo for joining us for the 69th Hawaii Regional. Next year will be our 70th consecutive Regional! We hope you will join us once again.

Glenn Mason
Honolulu Regional Tournament Chair