2022 Hawaii Regional Cancelled

Aloha Bridge Players,

It is with great regret that we announce that we have cancelled the 70th Hawaii Regional in January 2022. We were so optimistic in the spring of this year about the return of face-to-face bridge at the Regional, but due primarily to the Delta variant, the State of Hawaii continues to operate under COVID restrictions that prevent even small club games from occurring. There does not appear to be a likely path that will allow a large event such as a bridge tournament by January. We simply cannot predict when the situation will improve enough to allow gatherings large enough to conduct the tournament. International travel difficulty means that many of our cherished guests from the Far East and elsewhere are unable to attend. While the situation may improve between now and January, there is no way to predict when and how things might improve, and it is impossible to plan and execute the hospitality you are accustomed to when you attend the Hawaii Regional amidst such uncertainty. If you have a reservation with the Prince Waikiki, you may contact them at (855) 622-7558 to cancel your reservation.

We are fully committed to holding the 70th Hawaii Regional the following year, provisionally from January 23-29, 2023. We hope that you will be able to attend and that we can celebrate the return to in-person bridge in Hawaii.

Larry Denneau
Hawaii Regional Chair

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